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Mid-Century Modern Miniatures

Now that I'm stuck at home for the foreseeable future thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been blowing through tv shows and movies. Recently I began watching classic movies from the 50s-60s which I've always loved, and I've become heavily inspired by the mid-century style. This style usually consists of clean lines which works really well with how I make miniature furniture. It's also been fun stepping out of my usual style comfort zone which usually consists of rustic, coastal, or antiques. My first mid-century project was a simple, 2-drawer dresser. For the body of the dresser, I used a thin balsa wood sheet that I cut into pieces. Once the "box" with 2 faux drawers was completed, I framed the front using coffee stirrers. This made it look more polished especially with the mitered corners. The last part of the structure was the legs, which I made out of chopsticks. I cut the chopsticks on a slight angle so they would flare out and really look

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