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Polymer Clay Caprese Salad and Resin Bottles

As I continue to procrastinate on building my kitchen, I keep making stuff to go into it instead. Recently, I received a set of resin molds from AliExpress that I was eager to try out. I've never worked with resin before, but I always see videos online and it looked like fun. Well, it was a bit of a disaster except for a bottle and one plate mold. The bottle actually came out really well, and since I originally thought it was a wine bottle, I mixed a dark red shade of resin. When it popped out, I realized it was more of a condiment/sauce bottle, and the red looked like balsamic vinegar, so it ended up working in the end. Immediately I knew I had to make an olive oil bottle to go with the vinegar, and thus the idea to make a polymer clay caprese salad was born.

I've barely worked with polymer clay and never making miniatures with it, so this whole process was becoming quite the adventure. After watching a few Youtube tutorials on making mini tomatoes, I finally found one that …

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