Printing Miniature Rugs on Fabric

I'll admit that one of the main reasons I bought a new printer was so that I could print my own rugs. The dollhouse rugs I saw online were nice, but they were almost all Victorian, which wouldn't necessarily fit in my current project that's a bit more modern. Before printing, I researched some techniques on how to print on fabric, and settled on the following which was so easy!

You'll Need:
1. Freezer paper (I bought this kind from Amazon since it was already cut to Letter-size)
2. An ink-jet printer (Not sure about how laser printers will work on fabric, but I read that ink-jet is ideal)
3. Thin fabric (i.e., muslin)
4. Rug photos (Some great sites for rug photos are and Ruggable)

The first step is to iron the fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper. Then trim the edges so that you have a letter-sized piece. The ironing was very easy and it stuck very well to the paper that I bought.

After ironing, I simply fed the paper through the printer as though it were just a regular sheet of paper. I had some rug images that I laid out in Photoshop to get the most out of 1 sheet. As for printer settings, I made sure to choose a high-quality photo setting.

Here is a detailed look of one of the rugs I printed. I was actually very impressed with how it turned out. Since you're printing on fabric, the colors will be a little muted, but it turned out much more vibrant and textured than I imagined.

I then cut out the rugs and sealed the edges with Mod Podge so that they won't come apart. Finally, I put them in between the pages of a thick book overnight so that they would lay completely flat.

Here are some photos of the rugs in action!


  1. Your rugs are fabulous, I particularly love the little bathroom mat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. your rugs turned out great! Good photos too - very inspiring.

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