Resolutions And Patrick: A Pictorial

As a New Year's Resolution, I decided to try (emphasis on "try") to keep my workspace organized.  So I went to Michael's to take advantage of their 50% off sale on organization furniture.  I bought and painstakingly assembled a nice tower with built-in spool reel thingys (not the technical term).  Immediately afterward, this happened:

 Curiosity sets in.  Patrick sees something he thinks is his.

 Always being the gentleman, Patrick softly tries to slide open the drawer.
 He realizes he's no gentleman, and resorts to more extreme measures.

 Success!  Patrick gets a closer look at his spoils.

Then this happened. 


  1. Great pictures - that's too funny! (My cat does this with the slide-out garbage bin, which he now regards it as his fort. He runs over to it, deftly pulls open the drawer with his paw, runs inside, and then you see his head pop out above the pail.) How does your dog get along with Patrick?

    PS - I love Cape May so much, I've been visiting every year since I was a kid. I was so glad to hear that Sandy didn't do as much damage there as to other places on the shore.


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