Holiday Winter Cabin: Planning Stage

My last post and the last time I made minis was in 2014. Obviously a lot has happened since then, including a cross-country move (New Jersey to Colorado) and a newly discovered obsession with endurance sports. The bug to make minis has been biting me for some time now, and I finally feel that I can devote some of my schedule to this hobby.

It has been snowing for the past few days here in Colorado despite it still only being October. Luckily, I love the snow and all things winter, so when I was thinking about inspiration for a project, I immediately thought of a snow-covered cabin in the woods!

After looking at some inspirational photos of cozy cabins, I made a super quick and terrible sketch of my design. (I swear I can actually draw). The design is simple although it will have a stone foundation, porch, porch roof, and fireplace.

Once I was happy with the overall design, I booted up my Photoshop and made a basic template to use when cutting out my foam core. I'm using foam core for this project since it's very easy to work with, and I'll be placing "logs" over it anyway.

One thing you may notice from this template is that this cabin is going to be a micro-mini (those are inches that the top). I want to make it a whole scene with landscaping and trees, which means I have to shrink it down to have the room to work on it. My cabin doesn't follow a specific scale, but I would guess it's close to 1:144. I'm really playing fast and loose with this one in order to get back into the groove.

The template will be available for download once I build it and make sure it doesn't need any edits/additions.

Between moving a few times and making a big purge of my possessions, I have zero mini-making supplies. I mean ZERO. No paints, no glue, no Xacto knives, nada. Making this project a micro-mini will hopefully help keep costs down as I'm saving for a human-sized house within the year. With that being said, now that I have a basic plan, my next step will be going to the craft store and using all of those digital coupons!


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