Even More Door

I am happy with the way the exterior is coming along.  The trim for the door was initially laid over the brick, but it looked terrible so I carved space out of the brick and inlaid the trim.  The trim for the windows is going to look almost the same. 
Here is a close-up of the doorknob I made out of wire.  I hammered holes into it using a needle tool to add a little character.

This is the interior of the loft.  The door has no trim because I like the look without it for the inside.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Monique from http://fabulouslysmall.blogspot.com/ for the mention!  Her work is phenomenal, and she really went out of her way to showcase my blog.


  1. Your door looks fantastic I love the doorknob it looks so real.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hello Maria,
    I can't get over how incredible your aging techniques are. The door and the frame looks superb. So realisitc! Great work!

  3. Love that door! Looking forward to following your blog (I found you through Monique's link).

  4. I am so loving the brick wall treatment with the " crumbling plaster" . I tried to do something like this myself with results far less superior to what you've done here. Look forward to learning more about it in a future post?!


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