What Time Is it?! Time To Make A Mini Clock

Now, I previously posted about one of my miniature-making OCD behaviors/confessions ("eyeballing" everything; look in previous posts to refresh your memories), and it's time for another.  This is a stranger one, but I build my houses according to what I feel should be built next.  For example, I currently feel the next step in my build is to install the windows.  So until I do that, I can't continue forward.  It's all mental, and there are a bunch of other things I could do.  But I won't be completely satisfied until I install the glass windows, which I can't do until my dad brings over his glass cutter (frustration!).

That's enough of a trip into the odd recesses of my mind.  Don't be scared.  Anywayyy, I was super bored today, so I forced myself to work on something for the interior even though I keep looking at the bare windows and shaking my fist like an oldster on a porch.   It's rare that I buy anything pre-made for my dollhouse, but Tim Holtz's Idea-Ology has a line of industrial chic scrap booking pieces that are amazing for modern, steam punk, and/or industrial style miniatures.  One of their products are a bunch of metal clock faces (JoAnn's has some here for $4.99, but I'm sure you can do a search for cheaper ones) that I've had in my stash for some time.

First I had to make the hands for the clock.  I used to make jewelery (for about 2 months), but the wire-working skills I learned have been extremely handy for dollhouse/miniature-making.  I'll probably post some tips/tricks for working with wire in the future.  To make the hands, I took some basic sewing pins and flattened them using a regular hammer and jewelery anvil (paid about $10, and I've used it much more than I thought).  The anvil is extremely necessary for flattening metal.  Trust me; I've tried almost every other, less expensive technique (including using a brick), and the anvil's the way to go.

I chose the pin because of its sharp end, which would become an arrow shape when flattened.

I flattened 2 pins, and also flattened a crimp bead that makes a mini washer to put in the gap at the center of the clock face (this is also mentioned in the post about making the red door for the studio).  Here's what all 3 pieces look like inserted:
Now, you could be satisfied with the look of the clock as is, but not I.  The finish was too monochromatic for my taste, so I slapped on some DecoArt Metallic Acrylic Paint in "Dark Patina", highlighted the numbers and hands with a wood stain pen, and here you go:

As a disclaimer, this picture sucks, and the clock actually looks much better in person.  Also, I chose the time at random.  I guess it's always going to be 5:32 in my studio, and that's PM because it's wine time.  Speaking of wine time, here's your daily dose of crazy ferret:

His cup runneth dry

Don't worry, the cup was completely empty before he mistook it for the portal to Narnia.

Also, Peabody feels much better and a sincere thank you to all the funny comments I received. 

Oh, and a BIG congrats to Lyssa from http://lyssaheartsdollhouses.blogspot.com/ for winning 1st place in the HBS Creatin' Contest. 


  1. The daily dose of crazy Narnia ferret made me laugh so hard! He looks like he's trying his best to get in the cup... but it just doesn't fit. gr, AM

  2. I was about to say our cat does that but I clicked for a closer view and saw it was a FERRET!!!


  3. Hello Maria,
    I love that Ferret! That is such a great picture!
    The clock came out great! I really like the paint finish in the last picture. I completley understand what you mean about the windows...there is nothing more frustrating then waiting after a project you really want done.
    Hang in there.
    Big hug,

  4. I love to use Tim Holtz bits too! Love your clock. I've just been having a read backwards on your blog and loving it. I am trying to learn the art of making my Steampunk dollhouse look old and it has been hard for me- your house is looking fantastic!!! I'm a new follower---and I have also decided maybe I need a jewelry anvil in my craft room now!!!

  5. Hi Maria,
    haha, you make me laugh, telling about your funny mental stuff and I love the ferret :)
    What a clever way to make clock-hands..! I would not have thought they could be flattened, that pins are hardened metal that stay in shape no matter what, but I guess with the right equipment it can be done, great to know. Hope you can work on your windows soon!


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