Making Miniature Popcorn From Styrofoam and Free Popcorn Bag Template

I've been on a major popcorn kick lately; both in real-life and mini-life.  Since I made the box template before, and now I had to make the actual popcorn.

First, I made a template for the popcorn bags (available for free here: Free Popcorn Bag Template).  Now, to get that real popcorn bag look, I printed the bags onto tracing paper.  Tracing paper is usually bigger than 8.5'x11" (letter size) which most printers accept, so make sure to trim a half inch from the size so it fits into the printer feed.

After printing, I cut them out, folded the bottom gray strip and the two gray back strips, and glued the spots where everything overlapped.

Next, I found a piece of packing styrofoam (although a styrofoam cup would do the trick) and picked it apart into tiny balls.  These are the popcorn kernels.

To make them look buttery (mmm...buttery popcorn), I mixed acrylic paint and high gloss Mod Podge.  This will act as the glue that holds the kernels together and gives them coloring.

Using a pair of old tweezers, I dipped the balls of styrofoam into the Mod Podge mixture and stuffed each one into the popcorn bag.  The glossy Mod Podge gives it shiny, buttery look, and the styrofoam makes the kernels look fluffy just like real popcorn.


  1. Really clever idea for popcorn. It looks appetising *must remember not to eat styrofoam* Thanks for sharing =0)

  2. Thanks for the link to the popcorn bag template and for the great tutorial! I must say, that popcorn looks awfully tempting! ::-D xo Jennifer

  3. mjam mjam, that looks deceptivaly real! I have tried to use styrofoam for popcorn (for my 20 year anniversary-scene), but the kind I had only had thin flaky pieces, not the nice round-ish kind that your styrofoam has.. That's why I only made a few crums for the big bowl, since making more would have made it very unrealistic.. You have done a great job on the buttery part, smart to use glossy mod podge!

  4. This is brilliant!! Thanks so much Maria.
    Anna X

  5. Thanks for sharing your talent with us:)


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