Dollhouse Flooring From Actual Vinyl Flooring

In the past, I've made my wooden flooring from popsicle sticks, but I recently saw some flooring that was cut from vinyl flooring planks and loved the look.

It was so easy to make! Once I got the hang of it, that is. Pro tip: Score the top of floor and not the back. I started by scoring the back of the planks and it was so difficult to cut through. Once I figured out to score the front, it snaps off SO easily.

I bought 4 planks at Lowes for $1 a piece and only ending up using 1.5 for my project.

I cut the planks in half, length-wise so that they would be 18" long. Then I cut in half width-wise, and halved those pieces width-wise. Finally, I cut the planks to be 6" long. I wanted slightly larger planks for my modern, tiny home project.

Here are the planks all laid down. I didn't need it to be perfect since my project is supposed to be rustic. But I didn't love the gaps in between so I added some wood filler to the spaces and then stained.

Here it is trimmed and after staining and sealing. The top part will be the porch area which I wanted to slightly differentiate from the rest of the house.

I definitely recommend this technique and will most likely use it from now on.


  1. It looks great! We used it for wood siding on a local club project and it looks great there too.

    1. Thanks! I was thinking about using it for the siding as well, but I bought a bunch of bamboo sticks that I need to start using.


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