No Sew Miniature Mattress Bed And Bedding

Sewing is very relaxing and fun for me especially since I can usually sit on the couch and watch trash television (I'm looking at you, Love After Lockup). But I know that a lot of people want to avoid anything to do with a needle and thread. My recent mattress and bedding turned out to not have any sewing involved whatsoever, so I wanted to share the process. (Note: the pillows and pillowcases are sewn, but everything else isn't).

First, cut out a piece of styrofoam that will work for the size of the bed you want. This one was a little too short for a twin bed, so I ended up cutting out a slightly longer piece.

One of the ways to get a "quilted mattress" look is to use puppy pads. I know it sounds weird, but they have a light quilting on the top side and are very thin and easy to use. I cut my pad to be big enough to be able to fold over and cover the sides of the styrofoam. Then I hot-glued the sides and then folded the corners and glued those down as well. I typically do not glue the top on since you don't really have to and it avoids visible glue lines.

This is what it looks like using the pads on the left. On the right, I used the same technique, but with very thin fusable interfacing fabric. I also use this fabric for my pillows because it's very thin and works really well as a miniature-scale fabric.

Time for the sheets. To get this look, you'll need to fold the fabric a certain way, or else the wrong side of the fabric will show:

The side of your fold will look like this.

You can glue the sheets onto the bed if you want it to be permanent, but I tape the bottom in case I ever want to change the style.

For the comforter, use the same technique as the sheets, but with a thicker fabric. I wanted a messier look since that's usually what my bed looks like, so I had to glue the fabric onto the sheets. Usually fabric doesn't lay the same way in miniature as it does in real life, so you have to go fold by fold and glue as you go.

Here is my finished result:

It looks so cozy that I want to spend all day in there! This particular bed will be used in my tiny home project, so it won't have a frame.

Good luck with your project, and please send me any pictures if you use this technique!


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