Artist's Table Update

Almost finished working on my artist's table.  I'm planning to add some "reference" photos, some books, coffee mug, and maybe some more art supplies.  So really, I'm not almost finished.  I like the way it's coming along, except I tried to make coffee stain using paint stain and do not like the look so I'm going to re-do it. 

One thing is for sure: my scratch-built furniture is somewhat durable.  This little table fell off my kicthen counter onto the tile floor and nothing popped out (if you don't count my heart popping out of my chest as I watched it fall).


  1. I love your artist supplies! If you look at Sunnybrook on Webshots, you should see some pictures of Rebecca's studio in the attic. I am still trying to finish the room and add more artist supplies.

    So glad you commented on my Sunnybrook blog on Greenleaf.

    judithfa & Iris March

  2. Can't believe it's miniature! Awesome!!


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