Sink Obsession

I'm not sure why I have been obsessing over this sink, but everytime I say I'm done with it, I do something.  I added a soap bar and poured Gorilla glue over it because I noticed when it dries, it makes tiny bubbles.  Of course I almost had a heart attack before it dried from pouring glue all over the sink and not knowing if it would look good or not.  Also, I readdjusted the cup of brushes because it was leaning too forward (see how ridiculous I am).  Anyway, I am DONE with the sink.  Except I still need to take out some of the glue under the paint brushes.


  1. It looks great! I think a lot of us obsess about details others would never notice in a million years, but you know it's there and just "have" to fix it.


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