Canvas Boards

I'm very anxious to keep working on the structure of my artist's studio, but I'm out of wood and disposable income thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  So instead I've been making random miniatures to put inside the artist's studio with any odd materials that I have laying around.  The result are these canvas boards.  Most of them are going to stay blank, but I want to put images on a couple.  I should have probably changed the part that reads "8x10" on the back, since they're not to 8"x10" scale, but I still like the way they turned out.

They are made of a layer of thick cardstock that I used to print out the Fredrix canvas board backing.  I then took thinner drawing paper and wrapped it around the backing to make it thicker and appear more like an actual canvas board.


  1. Very cool!! Hurricane Sandy was devastating, I hope you are recovering.


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