Finished Kindle with Amazon Box

I'm becoming obsessed with making actual things I have around my house into miniature form.  And although I have a Nook in real life, I wanted to make mini Kindle so I could use the classic box.  It took a few trials to make the Kindle because the first couple developed a green tint. 

Now onto my next project...I want to make a little scene, but have no idea what to do.  Maybe a potting table?  Or craft table. 


  1. That kindle and box look awesome! The "mini eye" a nice gal on greenleaf would call it, you start to see it everwhere.. and making everything in mini.

    Can't wait to see your scene ;)

  2. I just love this!!! I have the simple basic black kindle (without keyboard and no touch screen) think you could make a mini verison of that??

    1. I sure can! I PMed you through Blogger. I think it sends it to your email, but I'm not totally sure.

    2. I am glad I rechecked - I never did get an email. My regular email is alpangle at comcast dot net

  3. This is so cool. Just love it. You did a great job on it!
    Many hugs, Conny

  4. We need a tutorial cause I would like this!
    Many hugs, conny

  5. WOW, that Kindle is incredible, fantastic!


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