Holiday Winter Cabin: Hot Glue Gun Icicles and Snow

It has been SO cold here in Colorado over the past few days, so adding the icicles and snow to my micro log cabin just feels appropriate. I’ve never made snow or ice before, so I did a lot of brainstorming before attempting anything.

For the icicles, I thought my best bet would be to use a hot glue gun and shape the icicles manually. This technique worked really well, but you have to make sure you're using the tip of your hot glue gun to guide the glue dots down in order to look like an icicle. The glue itself is too thick to trickle down naturally. After the glue was dried, I trimmed the bits that looked like fine hair in order to create the finished icicle shape.

For the snow, I first tried to use fake snow that you can throw onto holiday village scenes, but it was far too thick and clumpy. My next attempt was with ultra-fine glitter, which worked amazingly! I used tacky glue since it’s thick and can create those “mounds” of snow on the porch and railings. For the roof, I used Mod Podge since it covered a larger area. Because Mod Podge is thinner, I made a base layer, and then added a much thicker layer, making sure to cover the tops of the glue icicles.

This technique worked so well for my cabin, and I’ll probably end up using the clumpier fake snow for the landscaping area.

Note: I do NOT make any money off of any items I share as recommendations. They are just meant to be helpful.


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