The World's Tiniest Wreath

Presenting the world's tiniest wreath! My tweezers finally arrived and I have no idea how I functioned without them for this long. I figured the best way to break them in was to make a teeny tiny door wreath for my winter cabin. Here's how I made it!

First I made a jump ring out of wire. They're super easy to make (see a tutorial here ), but you can also buy pre-made rings from the jewelry making section.

I covered the jump ring in hot glue to form a basic structure, making sure to avoid the inside since this will stay open.

After trimming the little bits of glue from the ring, I stuck it on a toothpick to make sure the inner hole would stay open.

Then I covered the wreath in craft moss, squishing the moss down with my fingers so that it becomes more compact.

Finally, I rolled the wreath in tiny glitter, and removed some of the extra pieces of glitter to let the green show through. I didn't want it to look like a ring of just glitter, but more like a wreath with ornaments on it.

Here's the finished wreath, freshly glued on the door of my micro cabin! 


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