Cabinets and Brick Sign

I was finally able to get to the craft store to buy balsa and bass wood so I could continue building my artist's studio.  Ironically, my shopping spree only cost $16 so I could have gone a long time ago after all.  Anyway, I was able to start building the built-in cabinet.  It's VERY rough still and hasn't even dried, but the picture below is where it's going to be placed:

Like I said, it's very rough and still needs primer, paint, knobs, sanding/shaping, etc.  But I like the way it fills the space.  It's made out of bass and balsa wood, and cardboard for the cabinet doors. 

Since this is supposed to be an old warehouse building, I free-hand painted a company sign on the outside brick and then aged it.  I don't love the way the word "coal" came out, but I'm putting in on the back burner for now and hope it gets more aged as I work on the project.  The sign reads: "Peabody & Sons Coal Company," named for my dog Peabody.



  1. Looking great so far! Im telling you cheap wood and simple paint.. Shellac that baby and bam! mahogany :)

  2. Wow - I think it looks great! I like it very much.
    Many hugs, Conny

  3. That sign is gorgeous, so vintage looking.


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