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Here's the time I make a confession: I don't measure.  Okay, I sometimes measure, but mostly I "eyeball" everything.  Making miniatures has much to do with patience.  Unfortunately, I have none.  I work with pieces before the glue has dried; my final fit is my dry fit; and if it looks to scale, it's to scale.  So there you go: confessions of a manic miniaturist (good blog title for someone).

I made and installed a railing for the loft portion of my loft.  Of course, I eyeballed the entire thing versus measuring anything, so it might look a little odd.  But it's nothing a ton of accessories can't fix, or hide.  I also continued working on the windows.  Similarly, I've been asking my dad to bring me some spare plexiglass for about 2 weeks now because I'm too cheap to buy my own.  Needless to say, my windows are glass-free.  Apparently my family doesn't care about the overall health of my dollhouse dolls.

Speaking of, my ferret Patrick, whom I frequently write about, decided to steal and hide my look-a-like doll pictured here in her former glory:

So Patrick, if you're reading this (which I'm sure you are because you probably stole someone's laptop) please give her back.


  1. Hi Maria, i think your railing looks perfect! i regularly just ''eyeball'' something I'm making and if i really don't like the way it turns out then i just make another lol, the beauty of using reclaimed materials is that you tend never to run out! and its a lot cheaper if you do make a mistake.
    Hope the Doll turns up in one piece!! ;)

  2. Hehe, I think I am quite the same. I can't wait for the glue or the paint to dry! I like your railing very much.
    I saw you liked my cat on my blog. She is very beautiful, like a dark Siamese cat, she "talks" a lot in her own language. This one is quite lucky because there are...thousands of stray cats (dogs) in Thailand who don't really have a happy life.
    Happy New Year to you and all the people around you.

  3. I am with you - I eyeball 98% of the time. If I do measure - it tends to be wrong - so why bother?

    I have some acrylic from half scale windows that I wont be using - they are sitting in my craft trash can right now. If you want them, you can have them. email me at alpangle at comcast dot net

  4. Nice blog. I link to your blog on my blog. Welcome to my blog.

  5. You have done a wonderful job on those walls, love them!!

  6. Bwahaha! Sorry, Patrick has been so bad. Love that railing. New follower, but nice to read there's some else who doesn't measure. I'm an eyeballer as well. I hope you get some windows soon. :D

  7. What do ya mean? Eyeballing is measuring....for the gifted, right? ; )

  8. That was supposed to be ; ) Also, I'm still so loving those walls, Hope your mini Me shows up again soon.


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