Finished Cabinets

The built-in cabinets are pretty much finished and overall I think they came out okay.  I really need to make another craft run to get more paints and stains after realizing that everything is turning out the same brown/beige hue because I pretty much use the same paints over and over.  The shine to the cabinets needs to be dulled a little, but I think it will look much better when I add all the nick-knacks to the top.   

Also, now I feel the green desk sticks out too much.  Argh...I am too critical of myself.


  1. hi maria! found your comment on my giveaway and went to see your work where my work would fit in so well: and liked it, a lot!! love what you do! became a new follower, hopefully many will find you too, because you're a blog (from what I've seen, going to look at it some more later) that's very much worth following! warm wishes Monique

  2. Wow, you are super talented! This corner looks soo real. And it's nice and grimy - exactly how I like it :-)

  3. This looks so real and so worn in, LOVE IT! I love when it's difficult to tell if it's life size or mini. Great work!


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