Finished Door

Here is the front door after aging.  The sealer is still drying so it won't be as shiny as in the pictures.  I painted it a base coat of Cardinal Red (Americana brand acrylic paint), then sanded it and highlighted some of the age marks with watered-down white stain.  The handle is made out of 20-gauge jewelry wire that I hammered flat, bent to form a handle, and hammered the two ends to make them wider and rounder.  I'll try to get a close-up.  The "lock" is just a crimp bead that I hammered flat.  The back of the door looks the same only without the hinges.  Don't mind the gap around the door; I'm going to frame it around the brick so you don't see the ugly parts.


  1. Love the door, so simple and effective! Found your blog via Fabulously Small and I've read through all of your posts and look forward to seeing much more! :))

  2. Your door is wonderful great work.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Fantastic door.
    Your blog is wonderful!

  4. You 'nailed' it. I see every detail included here that was in the inspiration photo. Excellent work!


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