Miniature Door And Hardware Quick Tutorial

Doors are so much fun to make and they can either be super ornate or very simple. This particular door that I made will be used for a bathroom in a rustic, tiny home, and I wanted to share my process.

You will need:
1. Illustration or mat board
2. Craft brads/2-prong paper fasteners
3. Cutting tools (X-acto knife)
4. Small sticks (optional)

The first step is to figure out your design. For this door, I wanted a relatively basic look and settled on this one from Wayfair. 

I measured my door to be approximately 2.25" W x 6.25" H and cut out 3 pieces of illustration board. (This door is smaller than usual because it's going inn a tiny home project.) I then cut out the architectural details out of 2 of the pieces. This will serve as my front and back of the door.

Here is a close up of the measurement marks in case you want to copy this design.

I wanted to add some extra details to my door, so I framed out the openings with tiny sticks using miter scissors. This is where I have to quickly swoon over miter scissors. They make cutting mitered edges SO easy that you'll wonder how you lived without them. I used to use a miter box, and I'm not sure it will ever see the light of day again. These particular ones are called GARTOL Miter Shears and can be purchased on Amazon. (I do not get anything for sharing the link, just being helpful).

I filled in the edges with wood filler and slightly sanded. Then I painted it an off-white color. This door is being aged to look like a reclaimed, older piece.

For the hardware, I used paper brads/2-prong fasteners. If you cut the prongs off (leaving a little for the knob), you end up with 2, perfect hinges. I used this method for the front and back. I also aged the door using light wood stain and sanding in select places.

Good luck with your project, and please send me any pictures if you use this technique!


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