Miniature Tarot Deck Free Printable

Recently, a coworker introduced me to Indie Tarot Decks which are Tarot cards designed by artists and typically have a small release. I had no idea such beautiful decks existed, and it inspired me to make a miniature version of the classic, Rider Waite Tarot Deck, whose art I absolutely adore.

Here is my miniature deck in action. I used a decorative, gold paper for the backing, which makes them too thick to all fit in the box. That's okay since I plan on having some cards scattered around my scene.

To save the image, click on the image, and then right click and choose Save Image As. It's sized to fit on a standard, 8.5" x 11" paper.


  1. Heel erg bedankt voor de tarrot kaarten. Ik ben een woonwagen voor een waarzegster aan het maken dus de kaarten komen precies op tijd :) Groetjes Xadnra


    1. Alstublieft! Ik kan niet wachten om het voltooide project te zien.

  2. gracias por el imprimible, feliz navidad!


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